About Us


Our mission is to bring awareness to suicide and mental health issues by developing programs and partnerships focused on preventive measures to reduce suicidal tendencies in our communities including at-risk and the less-privileged through the proven therapeutic properties of dance and mental health workshops as a tool for children, teens & adults to help deal with bullying, stress, anxiety, isolation, inclusion, loneliness, depression & dementia while finding more joy in every day life!​

Dance for Life was initiated in July 2018 when director Kristin Barlow heard of another suicide in her community and was alarmed by the growing rate of suicides in Utah.  Determined to do something about it, she took her experience of 27 years in the dance industry in both California and Utah to launch the first Dance for Life Suicide Prevention & Awareness Event during National Suicide Prevention Month September 2018 with overwhelming support from the dance community including amazing dance talent Sophia Lucia of Dance Moms fame.  With the media's help and support, the movement is growing with additional dance programs incorporated during 2019 to help with mental health as dance has many therapeutic benefits.   We continue to grow programs in hopes to prevent any child, youth or adult to reach the point of no return and to have joy in their day-to-day lives.  Dance for Life received its 501(c)3 non-profit status in August 2019.  Dance for Life will be moving its national headquarters to central Florida fall 2021 to expand programs nationwide while Dance for Life Utah remains strong!

Kristin Barlow started Ballet, Etc. Dance Studio in Oakley, California in 1990 after intensive study of ballet, jazz and tap at the University of Utah and Janet Gray Dance Studio in Salt Lake City, Utah.  She sold the studio relocating to Brigham City, Utah in 1996 where she founded Starlite Express Dance Academy and Turning Pointe Ballet Company.  In 2011 she purchased property in Perry to be the new home of Starstruck Dance & Performing Arts and renovated the Brigham City studio to be the new home of Dream Pointe Ballet Company.  In 2018, she founded Dance for Life Suicide Prevention & Good Mental Health non-profit to bring awareness & provide good mental health programs to Utah & beyond. Kristin believes dance can be used for a greater good by uniting the dance world & giving all the opportunity to receive the therapeutic benefits of dance to help strengthen society - individuals and families.

Executive Director