Dance for Life


Saturday, September 26th 2020

Matinee 2:00 p.m.

Evening 7:00 p.m.

Venue To Be Announced

Special Guest Star Kayla Mak

Finalist at World of Dance!


Master Classes & Meet & Greet

Morning Class 9:00 - 11:00 a.m.

Afternoon Class 4:00 - 6:00 p.m.

Dance Therapy Workshop & Spa

11:30 - 12:30 p.m.

Suicide Prevention & Good Mental Health

A Non-Profit 

  • Annual Dance for Life Suicide Awareness Gala Events to raise awareness & find solutions to growing suicide rates in Utah, nationally and internationally bringing the world of dance together in hope & unity to reduce this tragic trend in partnership with suicide prevention advocate organizations & state representatives. Event includes master class by guest dance star as well as scholarship opportunities & workshops.

  • Dance Therapy Workshops may be booked by high school drill teams and dance companies on location or Dance for Life facility to provide motivation and expert mental health tools for anxiety, coping with uncertainty and fear, preparing mentally for competitive dance, bullying, coping  with losing & loss, stress management,  self-love, body shaming, nutrition & health, emotional expression through dance, dance therapy & spa time to help dancers feel confident, find more joy & enjoy their art more fully.

  • Suicide Victims Master Dance Classes bringing in master teachers in partnership with local dance studios and companies to provide excellence in training along with strengthening the mental health of dancers to provide skills and tools to combat suicidal thoughts and depression as well as skills needed to reach highest level of excellence physically and mentally.  Percentage of proceeds benefit families affected by suicide in the area.  Workshops may be also be booked by individual dance studios, drill teams & dance competitions.

  • Scholarship Program in dance studios to provide dancing opportunities to potential dancers with exceptional natural ability who do not have the financial means to pay for the expenses of dance training. 

  • Free Ballet Program to Schools in partnership with Dream Pointe Ballet Company to provide ballet instruction to the less-privileged in order to develop strong and confident youth with emphasis on exercise and endorphin-building to decrease pain and increase feelings of joy as well as discover hidden talents. Program runs January-March with spring performance in annual Dance for Life Ballet Festival hosting amateur & professional ballet companies throughout Utah with added scholarship audition opportunities. 

  • Preschool Programs designed to bring the performing arts into preschools to teach them the value of kindness, treating others with respect, and introducing the benefits of performing arts with discounts to local dance programs.

  • Themed Dance Parties for high school and college students to get off devices & dance!  Parties promote social skills, in-person communications, friendship building & healthy social relationships with hopes to reduce device and social media addiction in a positive, fun environment to build on good mental health and confidence in our young adults.

  • Anti-Bullying Performing Arts Assemblies as outreach to schools to present an entertaining and educational look at the beauty of the performing arts while focusing on anti-bullying and building kindness among students to bring all into a community of friendship and respect with emphasis on treating others like all want to be treated.  Assemblies kick-off free ballet programs in schools or may be booked separately starting in January.

  • Prevention - Eliminate any potential thought of suicide by building self-esteem, learning to cope with depression, and finding joy in life far before a point of suicide is reached.

  • Suicide Collaboration - Work with non-profit suicide prevention organizations such as NUHOPE Utah, Wolfpact, NAMI,  State Suicide Prevention Coalitions, Hope Squads, State Representatives & others to find solutions.

  • Dance Competition & Showcase - Providing exceptional dancers the opportunity to pursue professional dance opportunities & scholarships in a positive, uplifting & unifying evaluation of skills to help dancers reach their dreams with dance workshops included.

  • Private Lessons to help dancers reach optimal level of dance with mental readiness, skill perfection, movement, expression and grasping the soul  of dancing within each dancer to fully reach potential physically and mentally.

  • Starstruck Dance & Performing Arts and Dream Pointe Ballet Company are programs designed to help serious dancers reach their optimal level of dance, bring to fruition their amateur or professional dreams and instill the love of performing arts by offering professional instruction for all ages, genders and skill levels in competitive dance as well as pre-professional ballet and pointe with cutting-edge instruction.  These programs help to support Dance for Life programs and are designed to mold students into technically-correct advanced dancers at an affordable price.  We seek students who have a great desire to work hard and become great at their chosen artistic venue.  We encourage all to do their best in a positive environment knowing we work hard, play hard and build lifelong friendships.


Dance for Life 

Dance for All

Community Ballet

Bringing ballet lessons free to schools giving more students the opportunity to dance, build self-esteem, confidence, friends, perform in a professional-caliber ballet & develop stronger mental health!  

Contact us at (435) 237-4635 for more information

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