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Suicide Prevention & Good Mental Health

A NonProfit



Dance for Life Suicide Awareness Gala Events

to raise awareness, eliminate stigma & increase mental health resources in collaboration with government, mental health organizations and the dance community.  By uniting the world of dance together in hope & solidarity, Dance for Life brings voice to an emotionally difficult subject & eliminates the stigma of mental health issues in a joyful weekend experience hosting a met-style Hope Gala Ball & Forum with high-profile guests, dignitaries & speakers along with an all-day event including a silent auction, master classes & scholarship opportunities with special guest dance stars, workshops, and show with top dance talent throughout the state! 


Dance for Life Master Class & Workshop  booked on site at high school drill and dance teams, dance studios and dance companies to provide exceptional master classes by Dance for Life Company followed by Dance for Life Workshop designed to focus on loving self and others and discovering motivational and expert mental health tools for successfully dealing with anxiety, uncertainty, fear, stress, performance pressures, self-doubt, comparisons, bullying, body shaming, nutrition & health, emotional expression and the full therapeutic benefits of dance to help dancers feel confident, find more joy & enjoy their art more fully.  Percentage of proceeds benefit families affected by suicide in the area where workshop is held.


Anti-Bullying Self-Esteem Performing Arts Assemblies

outreach program to schools to present an entertaining and educational look at the beauty of the performing arts while focusing on anti-bullying, inclusion and kindness-building among students to bring all into a community of friendship and respect.  Dance for Life introduces Wolf Pact program to give schools the opportunity to participate in on-going self-esteem and anti-bullying curriculum.  Assemblies

kick-off self-esteem workshop & ballet programs in schools or may be booked separately.

Self-Esteem Workshop & Ballet Program

For Schools

in partnership with Wolf Pact to provide after-school ballet instruction & self-esteem workshop to the less-privileged, at-risk & all children in order to develop strong and confident youth with emphasis on exercise and endorphin-building to decrease pain and increase feelings of joy as well as discover hidden talents.  Program runs March - May  with performance in annual September Dance for Life Ballet La Vie Performance hosting amateur & professional ballet companies throughout the state with added scholarship audition opportunities. 


Annual Matinee Ballet La Vie Performance

held each September as part of suicide awareness gala event with professional and amateur ballet company performances, master classes with guest star ballet instructors, ballet scholarship opportunities from top ballet companies in the state, fundraising opportunity for ballet companies to further the ballet arts, and opportunity for students of Dance for Life after-school ballet programs to perform, engage with and learn from the top ballet talent in the state.


Scholarship Program

in dance studios to provide dancing opportunities to potential dancers with exceptional natural ability who do not have the financial means to pay for the expenses of dance training. 

Dance Reach

in partnership with dance party companies in encouraging the young and young at heart including high school and college students, adults & elderly to get out & dance through regular dance parties and events!  Additional dance programs for encouraging dance for all ages to promote

in-person communications, friendship building & healthy social relationships with hopes to reduce technology and social media dependence in a positive, fun environment while building good mental health and confidence!  Regular dancing reduces depression, anxiety and the potential for dementia in the elderly & makes dancers smarter & happier.


Dance for Life Company

 Ambassador Program

Dance for Life Company Ambassador Program develops partnerships with professional dance companies to represent the mission of Dance for Life in schools and at events by hosting master classes, performing at events, providing self-esteem & ballet instruction for after-school programs and expanding the dance for life nation mission to promote the dance arts, suicide prevention and mental health initiatives.


Ambassador Volunteer Program

Ambassador program through schools to advance the Dance for Life mission through events and on-going anti-bullying, inclusion, dance engagement, mental health advocacy and volunteer support at Dance for Life events. 

Podcast & Blog

Dance for Life is developing and will be launching a weekly blog and podcast with monthly themes focusing on different aspects of mental health on how to deal with suicidal thoughts,  fear, anxiety, depression, loneliness, isolation, failure and the impact of suicides in families as well as building stronger self-esteem and confidence, using therapeutic benefits of extra-curricular activities such as dance & the performing arts, and finding more joy out of life even during very difficult times.


Help for the Homeless

Starting in 2023, Dance for Life will add Mental Help for the Homeless as part of our mission.  We walk by.  We see. We look the other way.  It is time to help some of our most vulnerable to get mental health resources and become more.

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