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Anti-Bullying Self-Esteem Performing Arts for Schools


*Terms & Conditions

Participation in Dance for Life School Programs is at the sole risk of participants.  Participants and schools will hold harmless Dance for Life Suicide Prevention & Good Mental Health nonprofit.  Schools must have adequate insurance for students while at their facility. Participants must have health insurance in case of injury. Schools and participants will follow all protocols for this program as directed for safety and health.  Communications for this event will be via email. Permission is given to use photos & video footage of this event for promotional purposes.

Suicide Awareness Events

School dance groups and students invited to attend annual September & October events at the Capitol Theatre in Salt Lake City & Phillips Center in Gainesville with incredible guest stars, wellness workshops, master classes, volunteer opportunities and dance shows with discounted tickets!

Assembly & Workshop

ABSEPA Assembly and Workshop can now be booked for high schools, middle schools and elementary schools with focus on bullying, R-E-S-P-E-C-T of others, self-esteem & therapeutic attributes of dance on mental health in a fun and entertaining production & class!

Ambassador Clubs

Monthly after-school ABSEPA Ambassador

Club with Dance Class & Wolf Pact Self-Esteem Workshop, Volunteer Opportunities at Dance for Life Events and Friendship Building with focus on anti-bullying, inclusion, self-esteem and the dance arts along with performance opportunities at September & October shows in

Utah and Florida

School Program 2024

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